Griffin Odyssey Spider Cam Vise

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In my opinion this vise is the best value in lower priced quality vises today.  It has all the bells and whistles as the more expensive models but not the price.  The added bonus is it's made in America with a lifetime warranty, if in the highly unlikely event it does break, just send it back and they'll repair or replace it, no problem!  You don't have to purchase any extra accessories, it comes with everything you need, plus it has an easy to use hook  gap adjustment arm - not many other vises in this price range do that!  The information says it will hold up to 4/0 hooks in the cam style jaws, but I have safely tied with 6/0 hooks in them with no troubles. This is an excellent fly tying tool that will up your game and get you into true inline rotary tying with a cam style vise that is just great.