Articulated Tandem Hooked Paddletail

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The unique extra large profile double 5/0 hooked articulated flies make noise like no other flies in the world, at 10 to 13 inches in length they are the largest and heavy flies I make, but they really call in the big girls!  In my opinion, most baitfish make sound/vibrations emulating from their tails since that is the part of their bodies that moves the most.  In heavily fished waters or in off color water most predatory fish home in on the noises made from their prey, therefore if we provide a similar noise in those conditions, we will most likely get more action.  I designed these "Articulated Tandem Paddletail" using Dubbing Brushes to keep the weight manageable, these flies mimic the sounds coming from the aft portions of fishes where they make the most vibrations, the excellent swimming motion doesn't hurt either. These flies are large and big fish eat big baits, a more streamlined Hardhead version is also available.  Made to Order to your custom colors, just add the colors you want in the "notes" section of the Order Form or you can Order from the following selection:  Redhorse, Baby Bass, Walleye, Pink/Orange.