Articulated Seeker - 6/0

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Constructed mostly from Dubbing Brushes made with our X-treme Dubber.  These very large profile flies sport one Daiichi 2461, 6/0 hook placed midships.  Since most large Esox Predators usually hit their prey in the middle, placing the hook point there makes the most sense.  A 2 inch long 195 pound test Stainless Steel Wire Shank makes up the front portion of the fly, primarily the larger profile head and collar.  Strong stiff Saddle Hackles form the tail and the remainder of the body is made from segments of Dubbing Brush.  This fly is almost bullet proof, will last through multiple hits and with the super sharp hook it gets and holds those late season trophy Muskies everyone is after. Made to Order in a wide variety of colors of your choice, these flies are just what you need to take that fish of a lifetime. Typically 9 to 12 inches in length yet easy to cast with the mostly synthetic body materials that don't hold to soak up water. Use the "Notes" portion of your order form to select your custom color combination.  Common colors are: Dark Sucker, Redhorse, Black/Red, Black/Yellow, Purple/Pink/Orange, Firetiger, Baby Bass, and Walleye.