WTI Dubbing Brush Wire

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After being frustrated with not receiving some wire orders in a timely manner, I decided to begin spooling up my own.

Our Dubbing Brush Wire is made in the USA, Spooled here and sold here!  We made the spools to handle 150 feet of wire, (more than any other brand), and since it's all American we can sell it for less!

Our wire is of the highest quality and spooled on wooden spools with a unique holder that will not slip causing the entire spool to unravel.

Currently we have the most popular .006 and Heavy Duty .009 sizes in stock, these sizes fits most brushes from about 1/2 inch in width to 8 inches in width, this is the best Dubbing Brush Wire in the country.  I use it exclusively to make all our Dubbing Brushes. Use .009 when you want to add a little more weight without bulk into your Dubbing Brushes.