2021/22 Zoom Fly Tying Sessions

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You must sign up at least 2 weeks in advance for each Session or Series - the reason for this is I need time to send everyone the Materials Packet you will need for that particular Session. You'll get enough materials for several flies of each type we will be tying in that Session. The Materials Packet will include everything you need for that particular Session except for thread, you will be able to use sone from a previous session, in the event we will be using a size or type I did not sent before you will get the proper thread.
Saturday Nov 13th - Free Beginning Session Techniques Materials (open to all)

Trout Series - Sessions $35 each or all 4 for $120
Saturday Nov 20th - Trout Nymphs
Saturday Dec 4th -  Wet Flies
Saturday Dec 18th - Trout Dry Flies
Saturday Jan 8th - Streamers for Trout
Warm Water  Series - Sessions $35 each or all 4 for $120
Saturday Jan 22nd - Streamers for Bass & Walleye
Saturday Feb 5th - Musky & Pike Flies
Saturday Feb 19th - Spinning & Stacking Deer Hair
Saturday March 5th - Tying with Foam
Extra Sessions $35 each:
Saturday March 19th - Salmon & Steelhead Flies
Saturday April 2nd - Saltwater Flies